Interview with Deputy Breuss

Where is your Region? I work in the city of Saratoga. I service Saratoga High, Prospect High School, Redwood Middle school, and 5 grammar schools.
What does your family think of your job? They like it.
How many hours do you work a day? I am scheduled for 10 hours day, but it frequently goes into 12 and 14 hour days.
What is your opinion of the "Cops" TV show? I think most of it staged to tell you the truth.
Do cops prefer bagels or doughnuts? We in Saratoga are quiche eaters.  But bagels.  I haven't had a doughnut in years.
What do you do in your spare time? Take care of my children.
From your perspective, is crime increasing or decreasing in this city? Decreasing.
What kind of music do you like? I have rather ecliptic tastes. I like all music actually, and I have a collection to prove that.
What kind of hobbies do you have? I'm a historical reinactor.
What's your favorite sport? Australian rules football.