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What to Expect When You Call 9-1-1 to report a crime
When you call 911 the dispatcher is going to want some basic information.

1. What are you reporting

2. What the person or vehicle is doing

3. Where the person or vehicle was last seen

4. Direction of travel

5. As detailed a description as possible of suspect or vehicle

6. A way to recontact you in case additional information is needed by the deputies responding.

Many times we get complaints from people that the dispatcher was wasting time asking questions instead of sending a patrol car. Remember, they can dispatch a patrol car at the same time they are asking you questions. This information can be relayed to the responding patrol unit. This information can be critical to the responding patrol unit. So please cooperate with the 911 dispatcher and their efforts to get information.

Investigators are looking for assistance with a scam for paving/roofing work. The suspects make contact with the homeowner and offer to repave their driveway. They obtain payment for the work. They then put some sort of black liquid on the driveway to change the appearance, but do not repave.

The suspects in this case were 2 dark skinned males of unknown ethnicity. They had two young children with them. They were driving a small pick up truck with a sign stating “Pro Paving and Roofing.”

If you have any information about this crime please contact Sgt. Karen Burgess at the West Valley Substation. Ph: 408-867-9715.