Santa Cruz Mountains

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The Night Out was August 6th. As last year it was a big success. There were over 285 dinners served and over 400 in attendance. I hope everyone had a good time and met someone you didn’t know before. It’s time to start planning for next year. Yup, go mark your calendars for the Tuesday in August next year.

Sheriff’s Office Community Programs
The Sheriff’s Office has many programs designed to help the residents of our communities. To find out about these programs go to the Programs page. If you need further information, please feel free to contact one of the deputies or the West Valley Division and we will provide whatever assistance necessary.

Parking and Tree Clearance
As you all know, Redwood Fire now has their new Fire Truck. This truck is larger than the old Engine 4. Along with the added capabilities of this truck goes the added width and heigth.

I realize the roads in the mountain areas are narrow and parking is very limited, but we must all remember that a fire truck needs at least 10′ of unobstructed roadway to get through. In an emergency they don’t always have the time to wait for someone to come out and move their vehicle off the road. It is going to be very important in the future to keep the roadways unobstructed especially in the narrow roadways of the mountain communities.
Sheriff’s Substations at Redwood Estates

The Sheriff’s Office has been in the substaion at Redwood Estates for over a year now. The Redwood Mutual Water Company provides us with the space at the Pavilion. This gives the Sheriff’s Office a presence in Redwood Estates and the surrounding mountain communities. This has given everyone a way to contact us for non emergency type information and a place for us to meet members of the community to discuss their concerns. We expect to see the deputies in and out of the office during their shift. This substation is not a staffed type substation like our office in Saratoga, but is a place we can meet people to deal with specific problems and a place for you to get messages to the deputies without having to go through the 911 system. You can leave a message by calling 408-353-9606. Remember, If it is an emergency call 911.

Rules for Gas or Electric Powered Scooters
The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office has received many inquiries about the rules of use for scooters that are powered by gasoline or electric motor. The use of these scooters is on the rise. Most of the scooters are ridden by young teenagers, and it is apparent that neither they nor their parents is aware of the laws of use that apply to these scooters.

Motorized scooters have two wheels, a steering handle, and either a gas or electric engine. In order to operate one of these scooters on the road, the operator must be 16 years old and must wear, at minimum, a bicycle helmet. The operator does not need to have a driver’s license or permit.

The rules of the road that apply to cars also apply to motorized scooters, but there are even more restrictions. some of the most important rules are listed below:
* The driver must be at least 16 years old * The scooter must be equipped with a brake
* Scooters may only be operated on a road with a 25 MPH speed limit, unless it is within a bike lane.
* Scooters must be ridden on the right edge of the road.
* Scooters may not be ridden on the sidewalk.
* No passengers may be carried on the scooter.
* The driver must be able to keep at least one hand on the handlebars.
* The scooter must be walked when turning left from one street to another.
* The scooter may not exceed 15 MPH
* Scooters must meet the same lighting requirements as a bicycle when being ridden during darkness
(headlight, taillight, and side reflectors). These may be attached to the rider instead of the scooter.
* Exhaust systems may not be modified if the noise level is increased.

These rules are outlined in the California Vehicle Code, which is available through the Department of Motor Vehicles or the local library. Anyone with further questions regarding the rules of use of motorized scooters may contact the Sheriff’s Office at 867-9715. For Cupertino residents call 777-3177.