School Resource Officers

The Sheriff’s Office has three School Resource Officers working within the schools of Cupertino and Saratoga. Deputy Eileen Phares and Deputy Janet Shannon work with the schools in Cupertino. Deputy Ron Bruess works with the schools in Saratoga and the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The responsibilities a School Resource Officer has are many and varied. The School Resource Officer is simply that. A RESOURCE available to the students, schools, parents and the community. They are a problem solving resource serving in a non-traditional law enforcement mode.

The School Resource Officers promote an atmosphere of safety for students and faculty members through the education of criminal and traffic laws. For example, they provide instruction for classes concerning the criminal justice system or related topics.

Two programs that have evolved out of this program are The Youth Court and the Teen Academy.

The School Resource Officers provide a resource for automobile driver safety classes. They provide a resource for school counselors. They attend faculty staff development meeting, PTA meeting and parent-teacher nights.

They try to maintain open communications by developing a working relationship with school substance abuse counselors, the guidance department and the administration. They serve as an informational source for students involved in the criminal justice system and prevention of those who are at risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

To contact the School Resource Officers click on the link on the E-Mail page. They may also be contacted through your individual school or at the West Valley Station, 408-867-9715.