Vial of Life

In January Deputy Steve Sechler started working in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Steve realized the need for the Vial of Life. Steve presented the idea to participate in the program to the Sheriff’s Administration. The distribution was approved immediately. The Vial of Life is so simple, but it is something that can save your life in an emergency by providing valuable information to responders about you and any medical problems you may have.


The Vial of Life is an information sheet with all your vital information, medical problem and medications listed as well as other pertinent information. You complete the information and then place this information in a provided plastic pill bottle. You then take the bottle and place it in your refrigerator secured to one of the racks or in the door. You want someplace that is obvious in your refrigerator. You then place a provided insignia on your front window near the entrance to your home where the insignia can be seen. This insignia will alert responders to the presence of the Vial of life container. In the event you are not able to answer question the vial can be retrieved to provide responders with all your vital information. The idea is so simple, but it is something that can save your life.

Why the refrigerator? A designated, standardized place was needed to place the Vial of Life. Everyone has a refrigerator of some kind in their home. Thus the location for the Vial of Life was determined. The sealed pill bottle will not allow moisture to reach the contents.

The Sheriff’s Office is distributing these Vials of Life as long as we can get supplies of the Vials. If we are out of the Vials the same information and insignia can be obtained from the internet. To obtain this information click on the following link.

Vial of Life

If you don’t want to go to the Vial of Life Web Page at this time, bookmark the following address:

For further information contact the West Valley Division at 408-867-9715